We are the largest supplier of agricultural machinery in Ethiopia. We supply Genuine John Deere Tractors with implements, Combine harvesters, planters, seeders, balers, potato diggers and equipment.

Products we Supply

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6135B (135 Hp Tractor)

Engine HP: 137 Max | 135 Rated John Deere FT4 PowerTech™ engine combines performance and fluid economy 12/12 or 24/12 hi-lo PowrReverser™ transmission Cab, 2WD or MFWD 15 degrees of seat swivel with optional air-ride seat

5075GN (75 HP) Tractor

Perfect for the narrower rows producers are moving toward to conserve water, Working width of 49.5”, FT4 75 hp engines/61 hp PT, Two transmissions available: 12F/12R and 24F/12R

6175m (175 Hp)Tractor

Engine HP: 194 Max | 175 Rated John Deere FT4 PowerTech™ engine combines performance and fluid economy Transmission options: PQT, AQT, or CQT 30-GPM pressure-flow compensated syste

6R 120 Utility (120 HP) Tractor

John Deere FT PowerTech™ 4-cylinder engines Engine HP: 132 HP Max/120 HP Rated with up to 20 additional HP (IPM) AutoQuad™ or IVT transmission Cat. 2/3N Hitch with lift capacity over 7,900lb.

6135B (135 Hp Tractor)

Cab with excellent view, heater and air conditioning, PowerTech engine with high-pressure fuel rail, Cold start package Easy gear shifting, full synchronization,Engine Type – Inline, High-Pressure Common Rail

Harvesting Equipment

Different crops. Different fields. Different size of operations. Yeah, that doesn't matter to John Deere, because we have a combine for whatever you need. From the grain-eating X9 to the versatile, all new S7, every piece of iron we make is packed with the same legendary John Deere dependability and brains to bring more automation – more productivity – to any farm, any size.

X Series Combines

Performance Group 10 and 11 420 and 460 bushels (14,800 and 16,210 liters) Commonly used for: High moisture corn, tough-threshing small grains

X9 1100 Combine

690 Max engine horsepower 5.3 bu/s (186.7 liters/s) peak unload rate 460-bushel (16,210-liter) power folding grain tank Integrated G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display and StarFire™ Receiver with available SF-RTK

S Series Combines

3.6 bu/s (126.8 liters/s) peak unload rate 300-bushel (10,057-liter) grain tank PowerTech™ 9L Engine 382 max engine horsepower

T Series Combines

Performance Group 7 300 bushels (10,571 liters) Commonly used for: Wheat, canola, barley